Helms School of Government


Doctor of Philosophy in Criminal Justice (PhD)


Jared L. Perry


Disinformation, Misinformation, Information Campaign, Social Media, Homeland Security


International and Area Studies


This research introduces the concepts surrounding disinformation and misinformation campaigns, along with their standing as significant homeland security threats. The piece starts with a brief introduction that focuses in on current examples of how these campaigns are being utilized, to include introductory discussion of theory and strategy. This is followed by a literature review, which explores a wide variety of disinformation related topics, including pieces that help in defining the matter and others that introduce related psychological theories. In addition to the literature that discusses real world examples, current instances are discussed, allowing for a more comprehensive view of not only the problem at hand, but also the tools and strategies being utilized by adversaries. Following the literature review, the path of the study is introduced, to include a set of potential research questions. The presented path discussed the methodology that would be used to complete such a study, which includes everything from the data sets that will be utilized, the general framework of the data mining, and finally the analysis tools and software that will be made use of. The study concludes with a brief conclusion, which not only reiterates the severity of the issues presented, but also helps in leading the reader into the inevitable conclusions that will come from such research.