School of Nursing


Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


Cynthia Goodrich


Mentor, Preceptor, Orientation, Registered Nurse, New Graduate, Internship




Mentorship among new graduate registered nurses can greatly impact the first year of their nursing career. The first year of a new nurse’s career can be an extremely challenging time. During this first year, the new nurse is often left questioning if this career in healthcare is the right choice for them. The past two years have been even more challenging for healthcare and staffing. Orientation and mentorship have been impacted and retention of new graduate nurses has also been influenced as they do not have the support they need for the transition from student to professional. Implementation of a formal mentorship to follow the internship program will ensure there is someone the new graduate nurse can turn to during the first year of their career. With this enhanced experience, the hope is new graduate nurses will be retained as employees in the rehabilitation hospital setting past one year of employment and experience a successful transition from student nurse to practicing professional. As the program develops, the mentorship will also transition from a formal pairing to an informal pairing of relationships to allow for the new graduate and their new colleagues to build solid working relationships.

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