Counseling Department


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Fernando L. Garzon

Primary Subject Area

Psychology, General


Adolescent, Father Identity, Father Involvement, Korean Immigrant, Mediating Effect, Structural Equation Modeling


This study used an exploratory cross-sectional structural equation modeling (SEM) design, in which 376 Korean immigrant fathers were administered measures of Father Involvement, Father Identity, Acculturation, Marital Satisfaction, and Religious Commitment and a demographic questionnaire. The surveys were administered primarily in Korean church environments throughout an 18-state region. The primary purposes of this study were to test a model for factors influencing Korean immigrant fathers' involvement with their adolescent children and examine the mediating effect of Father Identity on Father Involvement. This study also aimed at finding the most influential factor on Father Involvement through a general linear model (GLM). The SEM results demonstrated that Father Involvement was influenced by Father Identity directly and by Acculturation and Religious Commitment indirectly, mediated by Father Identity. The GLM results showed that Father Identity was the most influential factor on Father Involvement along with Marital Satisfaction and fathers' participation in fathering-related classes. Practical implications for counselors, limitations of this study, and suggestions for further study were discussed.