Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Frank J. Schmitt

Primary Subject Area



Discipleship, Leadership, Mentor, Ministerial, Mission, Vision


The Vision Explosion Company will provide a consulting ministry in a business context to mentor churches throughout each of the developmental stages for defining their Vision Journey, implementing those results into the programming life of the church, and deploying the gospel troops to staff those programs. It is a company that is newly created by this author and his wife, and will be staffed by ministers/consultants who serve as Vision Mentors.

It is easy for churches to fall into complacency and routineness, having understood their general vision theologically, but do not have it specifically defined for their church, and have lost the passion to fulfill it. The Vision Journey is designed to remedy that situation with a mentoring approach that takes each church from their current situation to where they really want to be.

This is an action venture that goes far beyond a research project. While relevant literature and the plans of similar companies will be reviewed, as appropriate, this project will focus primarily on the ministry, mechanics, methods and materials, mentors, and marketing factors for creating, developing, and implementing the measures necessary to make Vision Explosion both effective and successful. It will be designed so as to become the country's premier vision development company.