Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Clifford Hartley


Leader, flourishing life, God as top priority


Arts and Humanities | Christianity


The Thesis Project that is undertaken in Richmond, Virginia, is addressing the issues in the leaders of churches’ lack of understanding, when it comes to prioritizing their relationship with God. The purpose of the thesis is to train the men and women in leadership, so that they seek and reach forth onto that highest priority of relationship with Christ. The interventions that are designed to help in the development of the spiritually healthy leaders include the practices that the Lord Jesus Christ mentions in His speech, the Sermon on the Mount. Through mentoring and the participants’ initiative in fasting, prayer, and giving, the benefits of the spiritually developed leader may become the example, that is reproducible in the discipleship of the four small churches in Richmond. The success of this project may shape the attitudes of leaders at home in Richmond, and abroad, beyond the borders of Virginia, to the extent that the contributions may provide new ways of facing the decline in the exponential increase among the flourishing disciples, or the spiritually mature followers, of Jesus Christ.

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