Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Joshua Dugan


Gospel, Evangelism, Servant, Growth, Church, Model


Christianity | Religion


The purpose of the research project is to create a strategy for Under Over Fellowship to engage the immediate low socio-economic, cross-cultural, and multi-racial community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to see those who make professions of faith in Jesus Christ become active members of Under Over Fellowship. This model of church growth will be facilitated through the combination of servant evangelism and long-term hunger relief. This method will provide a comfortable and non-confrontational way for members of Under Over Fellowship to build relationships and share the gospel with the residents of the low-income apartment complexes and trailer parks that exist in the surrounding area of Under Over Fellowship’s physical location. The study will attempt to measure three areas that will reveal success. Phase One: Did the Team Members grow in their faith and understanding of Christ as they served and shared the gospel and did the recipients of the food delivery receive the gospel and surrender to Christ? Phase Two: Did Team Members engage those that made professions of faith in discipleship and did the recipients of the gospel engage in Front Porch Bible Studies? Phase 3: Did Team Members build a relationship with those that engaged in Front Porch Bible Studies and did those that engaged in Front Porch Bible Studies eventually integrate into corporate worship at Under Over Fellowship?

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