Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Rodney Dempsey


Discipleship, Mentoring, Men, Students




Do current student ministries produce disciples that can stand the test of the current culture? Has creating a separate ministry worked against God’s plan for making disciples? Statistics from across the Church would suggest the American Church is in decline. Within the Southern Baptist Convention there has been a continual decline in baptisms over the past few years. This project will seek to determine if there is a correlation between how student ministries are led in the modern church to how effectively the church has been in making disciples. With research and data collected from current and former student ministries, Data will be presented to study the long-lasting effects student ministries have had on reaching the lost and making disciples with and without parental support. Does the demand to produce numbers hurt student ministry and keep them from fulfilling the Great Commission. This research and data will be used to encourage and provide a return to the basics in making disciples in the local church through the family of God. Michael Kibbe shares “this is the first key to this phase of research; you need to have something to contribute to the discussion”

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