Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Frank Schmitt

Primary Subject Area

Education, Administration


Christian Education, Christian School Administration, School Administration


Educational Administration and Supervision


There is minimal research conducted to assist Professional Educators with effective ministering and administration in Christian Schools. While secular academic training and experience provide the Administrator with great preparation, there are specific dynamics unique to the Christian school environment that warrant deliberate attention if the Administrator is to be effective. Observed from the perspective of a parent, having served faithfully as both teacher and the current Principal of the Bible-Based Fellowship Christian Academy; in its young life, this nine-year old school had experienced eight different administrators, most recently in January 2005. Inconsistency in leadership had stunted the growth of the school, the confidence of the church membership and had all but killed the motivation and retention of staff. Christian schools are an absolute necessity. The task of providing direction and guidance in a Christian context is massive. Effective administration in a Christian school involves choosing servant leadership over a dictatorial approach which forces leaders to embrace the gifts of employees and thus better appropriate human resources. The model of Jesus and His example of Kingdom leadership provides the example that is to be followed in the Christian school. Effective administration of organization and program yields much fruit and masterful results for the Kingdom. Good Christian Schools are a necessity. Contrary to popular belief, they serve our society in valuable ways. They not only produce academically sound individuals but they produce morally conscious people with regard for humanity and life. The Christian school gives its instruction in light of the Word of God. For the Christian school to accomplish its task, a competent Christian Administrator is required, supported by a competent and Christian faculty and staff.