Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Howard Tryon


24-7 Worship and Prayer




One of the primary functions of the Church as being redeemed unto God is to worship and pray. The combination of worship and prayer releases the kingdom of heaven on the earth for the purpose of divine encounter with God, cultural transformation, and redemption of humanity. This thesis project focused on the progressive establishment of 24-7 worship and prayer in the local church to reflect the harp and bowl model depicted in Revelation 5:8. This study provided a four-week teaching that was targeted toward growth in understanding a biblical theology for worship and prayer, revelation of intercession, the harp and bowl model that is depicted in Revelation 5:8 according to God’s ordained order of worship and prayer, and practical strategies in sustaining a life of worship and prayer to initiate the progressive establishment of 24-7 worship and prayer. Individuals were invited to participate in a four-week teaching course and at least one of the worship and prayer sessions during a 6-hour worship and prayer event to implement and utilize the tools received during the teaching course for the purpose of establishing corporate worship and prayer. Data was collected prior to the program implementation through a pre-test survey questionnaire. Following the six-hour worship and prayer event, data was collected through a post-test survey questionnaire and follow-up feedback was received from various participants. The resulting implications of this project proved the importance of establishing 24-7 worship and prayer.

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