Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Doug Crawley


Worship, Intergenerational Worship, Korean Churches, Christian Formation, Unity


Liturgy and Worship | Practical Theology


Korean Christianity has seen astonishing growth over the past century. As churches have grown, with the necessity of more specified education by age, generational separation in worship services and programs has become a common trend in Korean Churches. However, this tendency has also stimulated conflicts and divisions among generations in churches. Consequently, the age group segregation within churches has made it increasingly difficult for them to preserve Christian legacy through the generations. Therefore, the purpose of this thesis project is to assist Korean local churches in reevaluating and adopting Intergenerational worship as a biblical means to bind generations in one faith. This thesis will attempt to articulate the validity and necessity of Intergenerational worship based upon a solid biblical and theological foundation. Upon this basis, the study will diagnose the limitations of Korean Churches’ worship by analyzing the current worship practices using survey instruments. This project will also reference recent researches and scholarly works. Finally, this research will provide considerations and suggestions for the Korean church that wants to adopt Intergenerational worship with ideas for future study.