Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Seth. A. Bible


Bible Study, Inductive Bible Study, Observation, Bible Reading, Biblical Genres, The Bible’s Literary Context


Christianity | Reading and Language


SBS Kona has been helping Christians to employ the inductive Bible study method to study the Bible for many decades. Some Bible students in SBS Kona superficially observe the biblical text. The project aims to assist the Bible students in developing their observation skills by considering the biblical genres. For this purpose, the project covered eight genres of the Bible: Narrative, Law, Poetry, Wisdom, Prophet, Apocalyptic, Gospel, and Epistle. The project also supplied five essential observation labels for each genre to guide the participants observe the text in light of the biblical genres. The researcher facilitated the project for six weeks, and ten Bible students of SBS Kona participated in this project voluntarily. The researcher had three expectations from the project. First, the project would provide an understanding of the observation’s vital role in inductive Bible study. Second, the project would offer a basic comprehension of the biblical genre. Third, the project would support the participants to observe the biblical text in considering the features of each biblical genre. The facilitator employed the triangulation methodology to collect and evaluate the project data. According to the research results, the participants experienced developing their observation skills in inductive Bible study by considering the biblical genres. The participants experienced better observation performance by understanding the biblical genre of the biblical text and employing the project observation labels. The results show that the project method (OMBG) is a viable option to enhance an observation step in inductive Bible study for SBS Kona Bible students.