Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Jeffrey L. Dowdy


strategy, strategic, planning, congregation, growth, maturation


Christianity | Religion


This thesis action research project is comprised of the effectual strategic planning toward the congregational growth and maturation of Go and Teach Christian Ministries. The project was embarked upon to address what had seemed to be a problem within the church’s leadership. The focus on church growth in membership numbers, rather than the membership, had seemed to creep into the leadership of GATCM. It seemed that the programs and events of the church were geared more toward attracting outsiders and adding new members to the church rather than creating an atmosphere of growth within the church attendees. From a foundational point of view, this research project included a literature review that discussed what others have shared concerning the church’s leadership conviction, character, service/mission, and vision. The project also included the four theological foundations that undergirded this research: view of God, following God, church growth, and ministry outreach. Additionally included, as with the theological foundations, were theoretical foundations that furnished the project’s stimulus. For the practical research of the project, the researcher chose to utilize a qualitative research method that started with a survey that gathered the general atmosphere of GATCM toward its congregational growth and maturity. The research also included a questionnaire that was verbally addressed during interviews of the selected personnel. After the completion of the interviews, using the data collected, there were two necessary focus groups convened with the GATCM leadership to conduct the strategic planning process. In the end, the project helped to formulate a new leadership strategy that will be reviewed periodically.

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