Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Charlie Davidson

Primary Subject Area

Religion, General


Application, Expository, Preaching, Sermon


The topic chosen for this project is "The Necessity and Use of Application in the Expository Sermon." It is this writer's contention that application is the least understood, least used and most abused element of the expository sermon. Application is one of the most necessary elements in the expository sermon, yet remains one of the most overlooked and ignored features of the preaching event. This project will first establish the need for application in the expository sermon, examine methods of application and give comprehensive recommendations for using application in the expository sermon.

The writer's intent is clear; to point out the value of application in the context of the preaching event and to discover and discern the most valuable and practical tools available to use application in the most effective manner. This project will be of valuable use to this preacher as well as all those who desire to connect the never-changing biblical truth to the ever-changing modern world.

The project will begin with a clear description of application in the expository sermon. Definitions will be offered and examples will be given to clearly define the meaning of application in the expository sermon. Next, the Bible will be used to support the use of and call for application in the expository sermon. After a biblically based mandate for application, different methods of application will be studied. A broad sample of preachers from different churches, denominations, areas and levels will be studied to determine the different types of application. Finally, the writer will offer a preferred model for application and point to its value to the preacher and to the hearer.