Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Gary Waller


Pastoral Ministry, leadership, next-generation, young pastors, succession, bi-vocational


Leadership Studies | Religion


The shortage of young pastors to replace the aging and retiring pastorate is an alarming reality confronting Christian churches regardless of location, size, and denomination. This research project's primary objective was to explore the factors discouraging young Christian adults born in the United States of America from responding obediently to God's call into full-time pastoral ministry and create corporate awareness of the holistic nature of the problem and seek a collaborative solution plan to motivate young Christian adults to obey God’s call into full-time pastoral ministry. The project focuses on young American-born adults in the ministry context of The Church of Pentecost U.S.A., Inc in the State of New York. The data collection method was an interview with purposeful, selected, and diversified participants from The Church of Pentecost U.S.A., Inc. It utilized Grounded theory to analyze the data collected through the interviews. The research engaged in collaboration with all key stakeholders with the research findings to identify key themes that describe the factors discouraging young adults from accepting God’s call into full-time pastoral ministry. The research will help other Christian churches and leaders address the issue of the shortage of young pastors. It will also enhance churches’ strategy of attracting young people's participation and a sense of ownership in fulfilling God’s mission through the church's missions.