Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Galen Johnson


community outreach, leadership development, servant leadership, Christian leadership




This DMIN action research thesis aims to create and implement additional leadership training for those who have completed prior leadership training, explicitly addressing community outreach, the purpose of the church, the outside culture, and the disciplines of a church leader. When Christian leaders go outside the church, connect with the culture, model an authentic Christian life, and use their gifts, the church is influential. When the Christian leader works in the secular arena with people who are not saved, and when the Christian leaders take their skills and training outside the four walls, they change that working community for Christ. The intervention study proposed will provide a pre-training and post-training questionnaire to leaders currently serving for five years or more who have completed the previous training in 2018. The intervention plan also includes a ten-week training provided to the leadership team of Washington Street Baptist Church and concluding with an outreach community project. This study will identify possible benefits of providing a refresher training course to leaders, examine the challenges associated with community outreach and make suggestions for the implementation of regularly scheduled training for leadership to provide community outreach based on biblical principles.

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