Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Thomas Spotts


Leadership, Discipleship, Great Commission


Leadership Studies


The gospel message is one that is life changing and one that must go forward in our world. As the church, every Christian is responsible for making every effort to fulfill the incredible command that Jesus gave first to his small group of disciples and essentially to every follower. Disciples of Jesus are to go out and make new disciples of Christ, teaching them the ways of Jesus and actively helping them, through the working of the Holy Spirit, to mold them into Christians that will in turn go out and be disciples that make new disciples. Consequently, this is not happening as extensively and expansively as it should, thus making a huge impact, and downward slide of disciple-making in many areas of our nation, specifically as directed in this Thesis project, within the Jacksonville ministry area. There is a problem presented here that shows a decreased direction towards the Great Commission and its authoritative approach to send each believer out to intentionally make new disciples. Though each church within this ministry context are all uniquely different, there is a common goal that each much actively share in; disciple-making and daily championing the Great Commission. The purpose of this Thesis research project is to investigate disciple-making within the Jacksonville, NC ministry area, find what church leaders and members are doing well, while also looking for the areas that need improvements. Through this research, biblical intervention and strategic guidance will be deployed to improve church growth spiritually, and numerically, through disciple-making.