Graduate School of Business


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Russell Fail


Generation Z, intergenerational project team, multi-generational project team, team engagement, team dynamics




This research study sought to explore and provide deeper understanding of how Generation Z, the newest, youngest workforce generation, is influencing intergenerational project team dynamics and is best engaged toward successful performance. To provide insight to this inquiry and fill an existing gap in the academic and professional literature surrounding Generation Z, a qualitative, single-site case study research method and design was selected. Accordingly, the researcher conducted interviews containing semi-structured, open-ended questions based on the literature’s prevailing components of team dynamics and engagement with seven Generation Z project professionals and ten project professionals representing older generations who currently serve on teams with Generation Z members at a global technology organization located in the southeastern United States. Together these 17 project team professionals provided a holistic, insightful account of how this youngest generation of professionals is impacting intergenerational project team dynamics and is best motivated and engaged. Accordingly, participant interview responses revealed 11 salient themes that provided deeper understanding of the business problem guiding this inquiry. Findings are particularly applicable to the field of project management, which is heavily comprised of project teams working together to accomplish strategic deliverables for business organizations and their customers. Furthermore, these findings help provide insight to strategic business organizations and leaders to effectively develop this next generation of professionals as they increasingly represent their employee population.

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