School of Music


Doctor of Music Education (DME)


Rebecca Watson


Collegiate Music Appreciation, Collegiate Music Ensemble Recruitment, Learner Centered Music Courses, Participatory Music Appreciation Courses, Music Appreciation Curriculum, Increasing College Student Retention




The cessation of music performance after high school graduation can be mitigated through recruitment type course design methods interwoven within collegiate Music Appreciation courses. When appropriately designed, Music Appreciation could serve as a catalyst for resuming musical participation in music ensembles. This study investigated how the college level Music Appreciation course may renew interest in performing music by non-music major students. Best teaching methodologies and Music Appreciation curriculum components to engage non-music majors are examined in addition to music ensemble recruitment techniques that can be integrated within Music Appreciation course design. This study is of qualitative design and utilizes the historical-comparative method to investigate the most effective Music Appreciation course design, music performance ensemble recruitment techniques that may be incorporated within the Music Appreciation course, and non-music major ensemble participation motivators. This research is undertaken to discover best practices for integrating Music Appreciation course design elements that may increase non-music major university music ensemble participation thereby increasing music performance engagement beyond high school. Results of this study suggest the implementation of a learner centered curriculum approach that includes participatory musical elements and music performance ensemble recruitment methods as key aspects of course design within collegiate Music Appreciation courses leading to both positive student and institution outcomes.

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