Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Education in Christian Leadership (EdD)


Micheal Pardue


Active Shooter, Threat, Evacuation, Lockdown Procedures, First Aid


Christianity | Education | Educational Leadership | Religion


As the threat of human-made hazards intensifies, church leadership will need to examine their church safety preparedness policies to keep congregations safe while on the property. This research's primary objective was to determine if there are current safety protocols in which address potential threats and if church leadership has procedures in place that cover the various disasters that churches are exposed to in the state of North Carolina. The purpose of this quantitative descriptive study was to examine the churches serving North Carolina in a rural, suburban, and inner-city setting to determine if there is any correlation in leadership's perception of safety preparedness training of the threat of an active shooter in the church facility. The data collection method was through surveys sent to churches in the demographical area of North Carolina. The Qualtrics instrument for surveying a broad range of audiences was used to gather knowledge of safety preparedness pertaining to the church. The data collected from the fifty-nine participants' surveys revealed that a majority of the churches were ill-prepared for most emergencies.