Graduate School of Business


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Arthur Heinz


Customer Satisfaction, Associate, Levels of Engagement, Perceptions, Shopping Experience




This qualitative case study focuses on levels of associate engagement, customer satisfaction and the customer shopping experience. The qualitative research presents a case study design that looks to develop an understanding of how the different levels of associate engagement and customer satisfaction will impact the shopping experience, which could result in a loss of future revenue through reduced future visits and decreased spending. It addresses the general problem of low levels of associate engagement, customer satisfaction and the impact on the customer shopping experience. This research looks to question how important customers perceive levels of associate engagement when they are shopping in Walmart. A survey for Walmart customers and associates and one-on-one interviews were used to ask questions that would answer the issue. This researcher used NVivo software to code the data that was collected and also used preexisting literature to substantiate the findings. The results of this study show that the levels of associate engagement are a driving factor in customer satisfaction and in creating a positive shopping experience. Customers want to feel valued and welcome when they shop, and they look to associates to provide that through engagement. It was found that often it is more important to a customer to be acknowledged then quality of product received. Customers were willing to overlook lack of selection and lower quality if they received engagement and acknowledgement from store associates.

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