School of Music


Doctor of Music Education (DME)


Mindy Damon


Music Administration, District Music Program, Music Education, Music Advocate


Education | Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration | Music | Music Education


In order to assist in building a successful music program that is conducive to the learning of all students within a school district, administrators and board members must be informed of the role and impact of a district music administrator. The purpose of this qualitative research study was to identify perspectives that have not yet been explored and documented concerning the positive effect district music administrators have on school music programs. Perspectives on support, accountability and advocacy have emerged as themes through an exploration of limited existing literature and feedback from questionnaires. Although the information is available for administrators who would like to develop their leadership skills, there was little to no information about music administrators. District music administrators are needed for various purposes. Reasons include holding music teachers accountable for properly implementing the curriculum, supervising student success from learning goals, and advocating for music education. To illustrate the need for music administrators, several music teachers who currently work in a district without a music administrator in their district were surveyed. In order to validate and compare ideas, music teachers in districts that now have a music administrator were also studied. This project's findings can also be used to encourage further research in other disciplines outside of the “core” subjects, such as physical education and art, for the need of a district administrator in those subject areas.