School of Education


Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (EdD)


David Nelson


Teacher-coach, Role Conflict, Cognizant Dissonance, Academics, Athletics


Education | Educational Leadership


The purpose of this applied study was to solve the central research question of how the problem of lack of assistant football coach retention that also teach in the faculty at City High School (a pseudonym) located in Northern Virginia be solved. The results of the research were intended to provide data to administrators and coaches to allow decisions concerning the issue of assistant football coach retention that also teach. This applied research study focused on one high school with the data collection including interviews with the principal, the athletic director, the former head football coach, three former coaches on the faculty, and a former teacher and coach that sought to elicit the atmosphere and culture of the school and athletic program. An online survey was completed by the school’s administration, current coaching staff, three coaches from other sports, and former coaches on suspected reasons why teacher-coaches leave coaching. The same population also participated in an anonymous online discussion board that provided depth to the survey by providing qualitative data. The data analysis consisted of themes for the qualitative data and descriptive statistics for the quantitative data. The information gathered will help school administration become a way of the retention of the teacher-coaches in order to aid and improve the academic and athletic realm of the school.