Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Jeffrey L. Dowdy


Church Revitalization, Church Renewal, Church Vitality, Revitalization Leadership, Pastoral Leadership


Christianity | Religion


The purpose of this study is to provide a connection point and resources for pastors on the Northside of Indianapolis, IN to revitalize their churches. This project addresses the problem that many pastors on Indianapolis’ Northside may lack a connection point and resources to revitalize their churches. The research, resources, and connection points in this study focus on the biblical and practical leadership traits of a pastor, which are necessary to lead a church’s revitalization. This study offers a biblical-theological groundwork for a pastor/shepherd, emphasizing that a pastor should be of good moral character, affirming, aware of mutual need, caring, a promoter of kinship, loving to everyone, and approachable. These characteristics are essential traits from a biblical and cultural perspective and form the foundation for a pastor who is called to revitalize a church. These conclusions were reached through a qualitative analysis of the following intervention. The intervention begins with a unique transferable cold call and networking recruitment method repeatable in other metropolitan and geographic areas with possible revitalization consulting applications. Fourteen pastors from various evangelical churches participated in this study. The intervention has a three-part interview process. First, there is an assessment of each participating pastor’s revitalization knowledge and needs. Second, each pastor receives resources and connection points meant to meet perceived revitalization needs. Third, there is an assessment of the pastor’s impressions of the resources and connection points received and possible future impact for the Great Commission in Indianapolis. According to statistical analysis, this intervention has a very high probability of repeating similar results in other settings.

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