Graduate School of Business


Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)


Geraldine F. Rosol


Health Information Technology, Value-based Care, Emergency Department, Complex Adaptive Systems


Business | Health Information Technology


The emergency department is a fast-paced and complex environment that serves hundreds of thousands of people a day across the state of Georgia. The establishment of a culture of value-based care in the emergency department is attainable but often falls short when the staff cannot properly leverage the technology available to them. Framed by the Complex Adaptive Theory and The Input/Throughput/Output Model of ED Patient Flow, the purpose of this qualitative case study was to explore how emergency department leaders and staff could better leverage technology to develop and sustain a culture of value-based care. The 30 participants in this study were members of the executive suite, as well as members of the emergency department staff in Georgia. The data were collected through online surveys consisting of open-ended questions. Thematic analysis of the data yielded 5 key themes, including (1) training, (2) time, (3) access to information, (4) troubleshooting, and (5) vendor selection. A key recommendation from this study includes researching the effectiveness of post-implementation health information technology in the emergency department, as it relates to sustaining a culture of value-based care.