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Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Al Sarno


Vision, Vision Statement, Leadership


Christianity | Counseling | Religion


This DMIN action research project fulfilled the purpose of increasing awareness within the four churches in the Greater Berea District concerning the value and function of having a vision. Preintervention and postintervention questionnaires, interviews, hypothetical case studies, and a class-styled intervention was employed. The one-day intervention educated participants concerning how a vision supports the work of the church, which enables it to be more fruitful. Furthermore, the class equipped attendees with a biblical foundation showing that God is a proponent and encourager of vision. The necessity of this study was determined when the researcher witnessed a church vision being cast by the pastor with no resulting action. She postulated that teaching a class on vision, which encompasses general vision education, biblical examples of vision in action, and scriptures to encourage and empower believers would create an openness amongst church members towards having and supporting a vision within the religious organization where their membership resides. An increase in education and willingness to support church vision is reflected in intervention engagement, post-intervention questionnaires, postintervention interviews, and through their excitement to return to their churches with a commitment to work with leadership to help bring the vision to fruition. Ministries that need assistance teaching and getting their members excited about their God-given vision will benefit from this study.