Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Jeff W. Brawner


Church, Revitalization, Participant, Growth, Decline, Vision


Leadership Studies | Practical Theology | Religion


This thesis research project is an approach to resolve the issues of the critically declined and dying Friendship Baptist Church whose membership cannot support a viable ministry. Friendship Baptist Church exists with minimal infrastructure at 38503 Mosstown Road, Dade City, Florida, in the rural Lacoochee, Florida area. Friendship Baptist Church needs a visionary plan with leadership and team support directed to assist with church development and growth. The case study approach will implement exploration on the meanings and beliefs of Christianity for the church in the church’s social setting. Investigations about cultural associations of faith with the church is engaged with this study. The objective is to build ten percent of membership by using intervention to partner and share with other bodies within community. Additionally, this case study’s concern is about the demographics where the church exists. Acquiring surveys/questionnaires of participants' concerns will note the attitudes and interests of parishioners and others involved with Friendship Baptist Church towards growth and development. This thesis project is a direct effort to draw from theology and the researcher’s knowledge, skills, and tools to revive and refashion a dying rural church towards growth and development. With the understanding that change and growth do not happen overnight, this case study will serve as an initiative to provide the ministry with hope for small dying rural churches.