School of Music


Doctor of Worship Studies (DWS)


William Douglas Crawley


Worship Ministry, Volunteer Personnel, Disciple, Discipleship, Lifestyle Worship, Spiritual Formation


Christianity | Liturgy and Worship | Religion


The purpose of this qualitative historical study is to examine the discipleship of the worship ministry in the local church according to biblical principles of discipleship. Despite the biblical examples of discipleship benefits, worship ministry personnel are often not included in discipleship efforts from church leadership. The leadership and the congregation alike may assume their spiritual maturity. The preaching ministry and the worship ministry are the most public act of worship viewable by congregants. Some worship ministry volunteers and staff may feel they are expected to have already been discipled and may be reluctant to pursue discipleship engagement. This study allows church leaders and worship leaders to draw from these processes of discipling when making decisions regarding implementing discipleship in the worship ministry. Through the examination of existing literature concerning discipleship and the local church worship ministry, this study will identify possible benefits of discipling volunteer personnel in the worship ministry of the local church, examine the challenges associated with discipleship, and make suggestions for the implementation of discipleship within the worship ministry based on biblical principles.