Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Jason Whitehurst


Evangelism, Discipleship, Effective Disciple-making, Intentional Discipleship, Leadership, Practical Theology


Christianity | Practical Theology | Religion


Pastors of extremely effective disciple-making churches are conscious of the degree of church efficiency, and they recognize the significance of intentional discipleship for church growth. The purpose of this study is to investigate intentional discipleship for church growth in Liberia. An anonymous research study of 12 pastors and church leaders (evangelists) from Unity Light Ministry Network (UCC) in Kakata, Liberia, West Africa, was conducted to explore why Unity Light Ministry Network (UCC) in Liberia is struggling to grow their church numerically and spiritually. The study found that the Ministry does not have adequate and systematic training on intentional discipleship for the church’s spiritual growth. Moreover, the Ministry needs to shift focus to qualitative growth rather than quantitative church growth. The study concludes that Unity Light Ministry Network (UCC) in Liberia needs to teach its members Christ-oriented values for spiritual growth rather than cultural values; hence, the ministry needs to focus on people-driven activities rather than evangelistic programs. Some key terms to look out for in this thesis are discipleship, evangelism, intentional discipleship, church growth, qualitative, and quantitative, etc.