School of Behavioral Sciences


Doctor of Education in Community Care and Counseling (EdD)


Karin Dumont


ACOAs, Psychoeducational Classes, Relationship Satisfaction


Counseling | Social and Behavioral Sciences


Objective: The research's emphasis is Adult Children of Alcoholics [ACOA] and psychoeducational group sessions. Can psychoeducational group sessions be an effective treatment to heal the psychological effects of ACOAs, with the focus on relationship satisfaction? Psychoeducation groups lead to healing for ACOAs and can be an element in facilitating ACOAs having low relationship satisfaction. There was a gap in the research regarding psychoeducational groups' use in improving relationship satisfaction in ACOAs. Method: A quantitative research study using a between and a within-group design applied with the psychoeducational group sessions. Participants will take the CAST survey and qualify with a score of >6. Participants eligible for the research study; will be selected for Group A or Group B. Results: The survey methodology will measure the hypothesis; is there an improvement in Experience in Close Relationship Scale [ECR-S] survey scores (avoidance/ anxiety) for Group A after attending eight-week psychoeducational group sessions. According to the post-test results, Group A had lower scores on the anxiety/avoidance personality domains with the [ECR-S] than group B with no psychoeducational group sessions. Conclusion: Future research should look at ACOAs and the effectiveness of online psychoeducational group sessions and support within psychosocial issues; specifically, anxiety and forgiveness. Exploration is needed with forgiveness since alcoholism and forgiveness require emotional healing. Is there potential for ACOAs acquiring successful relationship satisfaction and getting past the hurts, the habits, and the hang-ups?

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