Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Samuel Olarewaju


Lord’s Supper, Love Feast, Fellowship, Love


Christianity | Religion


This thesis project identifies the biblical practice of celebrating the Lord’s Supper weekly in conjunction with a communal meal. At this project’s Ministry Context, Garden City Bible Fellowship, there is a lack of fellowship and love. This project investigates whether the implementation of the Lord’s Supper and a communal meal on a weekly basis will build fellowship and love in a biblical way. After being approved by the leadership of this church, the topic will be introduced to the congregation via a sermon on the subject, culminating in a question and answer session for anyone who has questions before participating. Research will begin by participants voluntarily and anonymously completing an introductory survey, which will reveal their current views on the Lord’s Supper and the love feast. These participants will then voluntarily participate in the Lord’s Supper and the communal meal weekly for the next five weeks. Subsequently, those who have participated in three or more communal meals will complete the conclusory survey, which will be compared with the introductory survey to discover themes or slippages.

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