Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Dennis R. McDonald


Bible Archaeology, Inspiration, Resserrection, United Monarchy


Christianity | History | History of Christianity | Religion


The thesis project topic is on Inspiration and Bible Archaeology. The project's main reason is a perceived lack of confidence in the Bible’s stories being real. The project addresses this worldview, which causes this belief to influence our church members. The study includes an explanation of the post-modern world view concerning the certainty of historical events. A Biblical viewpoint is addressed, and the relationship with this to Bible inspiration is explored. A survey is given to individual members of the congregation, which gives questions concerning these issues. Two interventions are then presented, one in which the debates concerning the United Monarchy of Israel is presented to show the differences between the minimalist’s and the maximalist's view of these historical issues in the field of Biblical archaeology. The second intervention is presented to show historical matters as they apply to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Then it will be explained how this is important to spiritual growth and confidence because of the doctrine of the inspiration of the Bible. This apologetic issue is vital in challenging the church in understanding the issues that cause people to lose confidence in the Holy Scriptures. It includes examples of how to address these issues.