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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Thomas Cook


Spiritual Disciplines, Leadership, Encouragement


Christianity | Religion


The problem is that the men of Freedom Fellowship Church in Canyon, Texas, do not have adequate training in the spiritual disciplines. Training in the spiritual disciplines would offer to the men in the church the proper leadership instruction that would give them the tools necessary to accomplish this goal. If the men of the church receive instruction in the spiritual disciplines, they will be able to utilize them in their daily lives. The men will, in turn, be able to use the spiritual disciplines in leadership positions in the church with confidence in being able to increase the spiritual growth in their family as well as other church members. The research methods used will be to offer teaching to twenty men of the church over a six to eight-week period on the spiritual disciplines. There will be a pre-test and post-test given to measure the strengths and challenges of the teaching. The writer believes that by conducting this project with the men’s group, discovering the findings will help other churches with their men’s group in teaching the spiritual disciplines. Leaders and laity will learn that practicing the spiritual disciplines in their lives will encourage spiritual resiliency. When the leaders and laity start practicing the spiritual disciplines, it will present to the younger men the importance of practicing and modeling the spiritual disciplines.

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