School of Behavioral Sciences


Doctor of Philosophy


Fred Volk


Peer/Professor Relationship Quality, DE Persistence


Counseling | Social and Behavioral Sciences


Relationships matter, as hypothesized. This study finds the association between the DE relationship variables of COI relationships, teaching alliance, student bonding, professor rapport, and impact of face-to-face learning on DE psychology/counseling graduate students’ factors are significant in relationship bonding environment. The ubiquity of relationships is seen in educational and social growth contexts within various populations’ bonding environments. Our research further establishes that social contact alliances and interaction are necessary elements for effective DE in psychology/counselor education. The findings of this DE study is consistent with psychological research on the associated factors within therapeutic bonding relationships. Results address whether the direct effect of COI on the intention to persist was contingent in any way on intensive participation and TA/WA. Only NSSE-Professor was a significant predictor of intent to persist. This suggests that the relationship between professors and students may be a key element in students’ completion of an educational program.

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