School of Music


Doctor of Worship Studies (DWS)


Hanna Jane Byrd


Worship, Charismatic, Evangelical, Holy Spirit, Third Wave, Pentecostal


Christianity | Liturgy and Worship | Music


Despite a continued desire to understand the direction of worship liturgy in the American evangelical church culture, many scholars are unable to identify the influence of charismatic worship forms in various evangelical churches in the United States. This research is important for understanding the future of worship in the local evangelical church in America and will aid in determining the theology, liturgy, and philosophy of worship and its practices. Guided by scholars of worship in both charismatic and traditional evangelical worship cultures, this qualitative historical research study provides insight to the worship culture in current evangelical worship. Perspectives on behavior, theology, culture, and preference emerged as themes through exploration of existing literature in this field. Research was informed by scholarly literature involving charismatic worship practices, traditional evangelical worship, and theology. The study identified how charismatic worship has influenced transitions in worship culture over the past twenty years, leading to major paradigm shifts in worship music repertoire and casual environments. One of the main reasons that church leadership may desire the music and worship atmosphere typically associated with large church worship music publishing houses is the perception of congregational engagement. Multiculturalism, generational expectations, worship transitions, and church revitalization are some of the byproducts of charismatic worship forms influencing the evangelical church in the 21st century. This work is important because the more worship leaders, pastors, and theologians recognize the growing trends in charismatic worship, the more this influence will be understood.