Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Frank Schmitt

Primary Subject Area

Business Administration, General; Religion, Clergy; Religion, General


A review of current literature indicates that decision making is an evolving area of study and one of considerable importance to managers, pastors and teachers, as well as to professors and students of leadership and management. Regretfully, the subject of decision making is usually seen as merely one of several activities that differentiates managers from other employees in an organization. However, decision making is a complex process that must be understood completely and made easier before it can be practiced effectively. Given its obvious and cogent aura of organizational significance, it is surprising to note that decision making has not been pursued extensively as a subject in its own right. The literature shows that decision making is often slighted or addressed with such complexity that entangle decision making in a maze of matrices diagrams and formulas. Therefore, the purpose of this thesis is to develop a decision making matrix with Biblical criteria to help make quality and effective decisions in an easy and quick manner. This study indicates that most decision-maker theorists/experts validate mission, quality, acceptance, timeliness, and involving God as reliable criteria for making quality and effective decisions.