Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


W. Ryan Steenburg


Exodus of the Second Generation Haitian American


Christianity | Religion


The thesis project was an examination of how the Haitian evangelical churches in Southwest Florida, specifically, Naples Haitian Church of God (NHCG), which have been operated for decades under the first generation, where the second generation of Haitian American has yet to experience change. The project addressed the components of that cultural gap that kept the church in a state of redundancy and, therefore, constituted an impediment to its growth. This examination conducted for Naples Haitian Church of God, located in Southwest Florida, gave a true biblical interpretation of what God has called the church to be in this generation. The study is relevant to the first generation of Haitians and the exodus of the second generation of Haitian Americans that had taken place. The problem is that the departure of the second-generation Haitian Americans at Naples Haitian Church of God has created a tension that needs to be resolved. The results and the findings were insightful to the researcher and the local Haitian churches in establishing a different mindset between these two generations beyond cultural norms. There is a great need for the Haitian Evangelical Churches to come together as one in reconstructing a ministry model that will fit both generations. The researcher concluded that no matter how high the tension, there was still hope, and most importantly, the first generation needed to realize the reality they were in and bridge the gap with love, and a message that could redeem and not condemn the second generation.

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