Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Steve Vandegriff


Compassion, Youth, Adolescent, Education


Christianity | Educational Methods | Religion


When challenged to identify the greatest commandment in the Law, Jesus Christ famously included “love your neighbor” in his response, making love foundational for all followers of Christ. Compassion is a key element that serves to demonstrate biblical love; sadly, today’s culture often minimizes or discourages compassion. In ten years of chaplaincy at the secondary school level, this author has seen too many Christian young men finish their high school journey without a foundation in love through compassion. This thesis project will utilize existing resources for academic and biblical research, as well as interviews of 25 high school males, to identify factors contributing to successful development of compassion in young males. As a result, this thesis project will develop a strategy, through intentional ministry and educational planning and methodology, to instill or reinforce compassion in adolescent males. This strategy will enable young men to better express love which is foundational for all followers of Christ.