Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Kenneth Warren


Marriage Education, Marriage, Christian Marriage, Marriage Curriculum


Christianity | Religion


The importance of developing tools and programs within the local congregation to strengthen marriages is of the highest necessity. With an increasing movement away in society from the truths and purposes of God, marriages are under increased stress in modern culture. This societal stress is on all marriages, including those of Christians. This project creates a curriculum and education program to teach married couples and individuals that may or may not have had premarital education. The project is designed in part to meet an observed gap in marriage education at the local level. The project showed a considerable success rate in its ability to strengthen awareness in key areas of marriage understanding. The Three Forks Church of Christ’s current ministry and those within the congregation have greatly benefitted by the research done within this project, and the anticipation is that additional families will be strengthened by the efforts that extend from this project in the future.

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