Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Douglas Munton


Women's Ministry, American Church, Women, Christianity, Religion


Christianity | Religion


America’s churches are in crisis. Historically, women are the majority and have been the backbone of the American Church. They go faithfully to churches where their needs are often overlooked, not identified, and they are unfulfilled. They faithfully serve the ministry while they are suffering in silence and waiting for the church to respond. The following thesis explores church revitalization efforts through effective women’s ministry. A qualitative approach will be utilized to collect and analyze the data. The data will be collected through recorded personal interviews and observations. Some interview statements will be measured on a Likert scale to judge the current success of the church in meeting the needs of the women. Also, the data will be coded to identify emerging themes. This author believes that through the implementation of an effective women’s ministry, the women’s needs will be identified, met, and will improve the church’s growth and health.

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