Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Douglas Munton


Leadership, Discipleship, Development, Growth


Christianity | Religion


Addressing the issue concerning churches needing an effective leadership development process that encompasses everyone from the new convert to the church leadership team is the focus of this thesis. The purpose of this DMIN thesis is to address the problem of the leadership development deficit by implementing a process that will engage more than 30 percent of the average attendance. For this research, the main focus is primarily engaging people who are already Christians and are on board with the vision and mission of the church to assume a leadership role and responsibility. The focus of the project is to implement a change in the church that will increase the number of leaders who will either lead or co-lead connection groups. In doing so, they will create an environment where growth will occur organically. The necessary change was implemented by instilling a leadership development process that successfully acquired new leaders and encouraged current trained leaders to host connection groups that were either core groups or groups of their interest. Coupled with the training was a survey leaders filled out rating the church in different areas for effectiveness. The survey provides a small amount of insight and continuity into areas of the church that may need some or better leadership development. The result of this research offers pastors and lay leaders a glimpse into a system that could assist them in building long-term leaders within their church.

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