Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Yoojung Lee


Elderly Welfare, The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church of Korea, Gumi City, Senior Citizens, Case Study, Biblical Theory


Christianity | Practical Theology | Religion


Facing the aging society, the Korean church has made various initiatives and efforts to realize quality social welfare for the elderly and has contributed greatly to society by expanding welfare facilities and operating and implementing various programs. Nevertheless, it is true that there are no specific measures to evaluate specific details and that the role of the church has been relatively undervalued. What the researcher noticed while studying the social welfare field professionally as a pastor was that the Korean church is not aware of its role and importance despite its considerable benefits and influence to the nation and society by investing and developing numerous financial and human resources. In response, the researcher will analyze the recognition and examples of churches in the Presbyterian Church of Korea by studying the concept of biblical theory, practice of Christian welfare, prior researches and surveys through literature, etc.; and will examine how real the churches in Gumi are contributing to meet the needs of the welfare for seniors. This study will evaluate the cases of welfare for seniors in practice by analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of churches, and thereby, present an alternative model for positive perception of welfare for senior citizens and active participation.