School of Music


Doctor of Worship Studies (DWS)


Betty Melinda Damon


Ezra, Intergenerational, Worship, Single Parent


Christianity | Liturgy and Worship | Religion


Despite many studies on intergenerational worship, there is little focus on a specific biblical character with the aim to edify the Church family as a whole in terms of intergenerational worship and how it impacts all generations and family types in the Church today. This study focuses on the ministry of Ezra and how he led others through a time of intergenerational worship and transition. Guided by examples from Ezra’s ministry, along with historical research, this study will seek to discover ways that Ezra taught worship across generational lines, lessons that the 21st-century church can glean from his ministry, and the critical impact that his example of intergenerational worship can have on single families in the Church. Through these findings, one will see how Ezra taught worship across generational lines during a time of transition by studying, teaching, and enacting the Word of God. The 21st-century church will see the benefits that come from this model through a weekly worship service in terms of intergenerational participation, self-sacrifice, and mentorship. The 21st-century single family will also see the benefit that comes from this type of weekly intergenerational worship service in terms of inclusion in the church family, support from the congregation, and opportunities to serve all generations. Further, this study will help encourage other church ministry disciplines to research more materials that can demonstrate a biblical method that any church pastor or lay leader can follow in order to incorporate intergenerational aspects in all family groups that are represented, especially in the area of single-parent homes.