Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Donald Q. Hicks


Balanced, Discipleship, Emotional, Korean Church, Maturity, Spiritual


Biblical Studies | Christianity | Religion


There are a lot of discipleship training programs in South Korea, but there is no discipleship-training program that focuses on both emotional maturity and spiritual maturity at the same time for mature believers. By focusing so much on spiritual maturity, churches have neglected the parts of emotional maturity since the churches were planted in South Korea. Emotionally unhealthy believers cause conflicts in church and struggle with serious individual troubles. Therefore, Korean churches should have a discipleship program which focuses on the emotional aspects as Jesus came to the earth as a perfect human and an incontestable God. The purpose of this thesis project is to provide a discipleship-training program focused on the emotional maturity. In order to attain this goal, this study will explore the necessity of the balanced discipleship-training program through the biblical and theological studies on discipleship training with emotional maturity. Also, this study will examine strengths and weaknesses of current discipleship models. This project will survey the laities, who are potential small group leaders, to examine their perception of emotional maturity. Finally, this project will provide an integrative discipleship-training model for both emotional maturity and spiritual maturity based on the results of the survey and the research.