Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Benjamin Laird


Interpretive Dependence, Inductive Bible Study, Meditation, Biblical Illiteracy


Biblical Studies | Christianity | Religion


There is a dire need for Christians to know a viable method of biblical interpretation. This project seeks to address that need through teaching the inductive Bible study to a group of people in a Southern Baptist congregation. The participant learning outcomes for the project were to acquire a method of biblical interpretation, develop the ability to perform a method of biblical interpretation, gain knowledge of the book of Jude, and to utilize meditation as a means to enrich spirituality. This project used action research as its primary methodology. The triangulation method of data analysis was employed by collecting data from the pre-test and post-test, focus group, and field notes. A Likert survey was used to determine the likability of the project and to determine if the project could be repeated within the local ministry context. Through the data collected the project seeks to demonstrate that the inductive Bible study method is a viable option for one’s own personal Bible study method.