March 2007


Karen Parker

Primary Subject Area

Education, Administration


education, teacher turnover, teacher burnout, teacher attrition


Teacher turnover is high in schools, identifying the factors may possibly lead to solutions to reduce this problem. Factors of teacher turnover in private and public schools were researched through the literature review and factors were identified. The goal of this descriptive study is to provide information on teacher turnover for administrators in a state association of Christian schools. A research table was developed through the literature review, which led to the pilot survey where a team of experts, the coordinator of the state association of Christian schools, one high school principal, two elementary principals, and three headmasters, made recommendations. This pilot study was conducted in two Christian schools not affiliated with the association studied. Following the pilot study, the final survey was published in the state association of Christian school’s booklet prepared for the convention. This dissertation is unique in that all who attended the state association of Christian school’s convention received a survey as they walked into the main auditorium. The coordinator of the association encouraged the participants to complete the survey at the convention by announcing the survey at the main session. The surveys were collected as the participants exited the main auditorium. The surveys were tallied and statistical analysis was conducted through descriptive statistics and reported to participating administrators. The results from the survey identified the school control factors in teacher turnover in the association of Christian schools as finances/low pay, lack of administrative support and lack of quality administration. Stress/burnout contributes to both school control factors and outside school control factors. The outside school control factors that contribute to teacher turnover in the association of Christian schools include spouse relocation and God’s calling.