School of Education


Doctor of Education in Curriculum & Instruction (EdD)


Sharon Michael-Chadwell


Middle School Counselor, Teacher Perception, Comprehensive Counseling Programs, Guidance and Counseling, Middle School Transition, Professional School Counselor


Counseling | Education | Social and Behavioral Sciences


The purpose of this phenomenological study was to describe the role of the middle school counselor as perceived by ten middle school teachers in the Henry County School District. The theories guiding this study are the trait & factor theory and directive approach theory. Both theories were both created by the counseling philosopher, E.G. Williams. The trait & factory theory proposes a formal assessment of an individual and their job performance. This is synonymous to the study’s focus of the perception of the middle school counselors’ job performance. The direct approach theory identifies the process of identifying a problem, determining a solution, and encouraging the implementation. This theory aligns to the methods utilized by middle school counselors in providing comprehensive counseling programs for middle school students. Three research questions guided the study: (1) How do middle school teachers perceive the role of middle school counselors; (2) What do middle school teachers identify as the specific roles and responsibilities of the middle school counselor; and (3) What do middle school teachers feel are the primary counseling needs in middle school? Data collection took place from ten middle school teachers from varying middle schools within a suburban school district. Data was utilizing questionnaires and interviews. Data collected through the study was analyzed through the means of theme development and structural descriptions. The analysis methods identified relevant information and descriptions based on the experiences of the study participants. The results of this study will hopefully aid in the clarification of the school counselor role and improve the collaboration amongst middle school counselors and middle school teachers in the educational realm.