Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Michael Pardue


Church, Racism, Jim Crow, Healing, Reconciliation


Christianity | Religion


A cursory look at many churches in the United States will show many local Churches are segregated by ethnicity and people groups. When this is done, it gives the appearance that the Church is broken because certain groups choose not to celebrate with others of different ethnicities. The problem is that there is a considerable reality to the appearance. With that, it is the intent of this project to examine the reasons for the divide. In order to determine the reasons, a survey will be provided, and classes taught examining the reasons for the divides. Additionally, this project will seek to understand some history of racism as it pertains to the church. This understanding will come from academic research to include the founding of denominations with obvious racial divides Some might suggest that local bodies should be representative of the communities in which they sit. Unfortunately, most are not. The ultimate goal of this project is to allow church leaders and lay-members the opportunity for honest introspection as to the reasoning for separation because of ethnicity. Once some causes of racial separation have been determined the goal of this project will be to have church leaders become more accepting of all people in the communities in which they sit.

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