School of Education


Doctor of Education in Curriculum & Instruction (EdD)


Christopher Daniel


Job Satisfaction, Automotive Technicians, Mopar CAP, Honda PACT, Ford ASSET, Toyota T-TEN


Education | Human Resources Management


The purpose of this casual-comparative study was to compare the job satisfaction levels of graduates from postsecondary two-year automotive programs that included specialized manufacturer-sponsored training to those graduates of postsecondary two-year general automotive programs. The study used the results of surveys answered by graduates working in dealerships within a 50-mile radius of postsecondary schools that have four of more Mopar CAP, Honda PACT, GM ASEP, Ford Asset, or Toyota T-TEN programs. Job satisfaction was measured using Spector’s Job Satisfaction Survey and consisted of pay, fringe benefits, assigned job tasks, and total job satisfaction. An independent t-test measured the differences in the means of the individual facets of the job satisfaction survey. This study did not identify any statistical differences in the means between the two groups of graduates based on pay, fringe benefits, assigned job tasks, and total job satisfaction. The results of this study add to the sparse literature regarding the job satisfaction of automotive technicians and provide information to automotive schools and human resource departments that collaborate with automobile manufacturers and automotive training programs.