Rawlings School of Divinity


Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Robert Wayne Stacy


Biblical Literacy, Reading Scripture, Holiness, Obedience, Exegesis, Hermeneutics


Biblical Studies | Christianity | Religion


By addressing the biblical literacy that results from not reading Scripture, and lack of discipline, Christians will experience spiritual growth, maturity, and a Christian worldview as a result of applying proper exegesis and hermeneutics of Scripture. The purpose of this Doctor of Ministry thesis project is to help Christians read the Bible by engaging in proper biblical interpretation. According to Fee and Stuart, “a text cannot mean what it could never have meant for its original readers/hearers. The interpretation of the biblical text is what the original writer had first spoken or written,” directly from God; therefore, developing the skills to understand and interpret the Scripture in its original context is vital. This thesis project will identify how people experience personal and communal transformation by engaging in an in-depth individual approach that begins with reading Scripture and results in spiritual maturity. The church mandates teaching Scripture, embrace holiness, and identifies philosophical values from a biblical perspective that result in a psychological/spiritual transformation. Sociologically, the sanctification of the church affects every socio-economical level, ethnicity, gender, and racial construct of the believer. This project will be divided into four sections: Part One: The Rationale for Obedience and Holiness, Part Two: The Theological Dimensions and Outcome of Sanctification from Various Themes and Principles, Part Three: Emphasizing Obedience and Sacrifice, Part Four: Assessment of Questionnaires.