School of Education


Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (EdD)


Jose Arturo Puga


Dual Immersion, Principals, English Language Learners, Transformational Leadership Theory


Education | Educational Administration and Supervision | Educational Leadership


The purpose of this qualitative phenomenological hermeneutic study was to describe the lived experiences of Spanish elementary dual immersion school principals who have led or are leading in Spanish elementary dual immersion schools. At this stage in the research, Spanish elementary dual immersion schools were generally defined as educational institutions designed to provide instruction in English and Spanish. The following central research question guided the study: What is the leadership experiences of Spanish elementary dual immersion school principals? The researcher delved into the challenges, benefits, and transformational leadership traits of Spanish elementary dual immersion school principals. The theory which guided my study was transformational leadership theory as theorized by Bass and Burns as it pertains to transforming a school site to face the unique challenges shared by dual immersion schools. In this study, 10 Spanish elementary dual immersion principals participated in semi-structured interviews, written letters to a future candidate, and photo narratives. Selective data analysis was utilized as a means of generating themes. My study found Spanish elementary dual immersion school leaders are higher purpose-driven, social justice crusaders,use proactive stewardship, always on the defense, buffers, culture builders, educational shifters, and instructional leaders in language acquisition. My study concluded that Spanish Elementary dual immersion school leaders are transformational agents. I recommend the replication of my study in other school settings.